The Bale Restaurant, located on Maribaya plateau surrounded by 360 ° of panoramic beauty and breathtaking views of 5 mountains, offers a new experience for culinary connoisseurs who crave the pleasures and freshness of healthy food & beverages derived from nearby organic farms. The Bale Restaurant was officially opened for public on Friday, February 23, 2018 at Mulberry Hill by The Lodge, located at Jl. Maribaya Timur No.1, Cibodas Village Lembang

Provides healthy food as healthy lifestyle, The Bale Restaurant presents a variety of menus that obviously tasty. The cold hand of our Chef is reliable and competent, spawned a dish “healthy menu” which certainly does not eliminate the delicious flavor in each dish.

Various activities we present at the opening of The Bale Restaurant, visitors can choose and pick their own organic vegetables, walk around the rose garden, try the experience of playing archery and for your notice, visitors who came with beloved family, we provide activities “Animals Feeding”. As the closing ceremony, we present Titi DJ and Edi Brocoli who appear to enliven the “Live Cooking” with Chef and invited guests.

The architectural design is thick with traditional nuances, The Bale Restaurant wants to create an “old-fashioned” atmosphere while still providing comfort and unique interior design in every corner. The venue can accommodate up to 75 visitors.

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