We provide package that may interest you to make holidays and any activity you do memorable, safe and unforgettable. 

Venue Reservation

Experience your special occasions personally with us.
Mulberry Hill by The Lodge helps you to plan any events according to your taste.
IDR 65.000 net / pax

Lunch/Dinner Gathering

The Bale Organic Restaurant, Mulberry Hill by The lodge has the ideal location for indoor dinner or lunch gathering by view with lawns and thoughtfully planted belts of trees which form a pleasing foreground to the wonderful long views beyond.

While enjoying our resort-like setting, you may treat your guests to a sumptuous barbeque or a varied choice of dishes from our healthy menu.
IDR 90.000 net / pax


Tying the knot in the midst of mountain breeze and green scenery is everyone’s wedding dream.
Plan your best wedding ceremony with us!
For details and more info, Sales: +62 811-2399-556
  • max 300 pax
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Half Day Fun Games

These half-day activities allow your group to develop both individually and as a team through games and tasks which challenge them mentally and physically. Your group will be required to work together, as a team, and encourage each other to complete these tasks.Take part in one or several activities to challenge your group's strength and communication. The most important part of any of these activities is to have fun!
IDR 285.000 net / pax
  • 1x Lunch
  • 1x Coffee Break
  • Choices of Fun Games
  • Minimum 30 Pax

Team Building

Team building has been scientifically shown to positively affect team effectiveness. Goal setting and role clarification were shown to have impact on cognitive, affective, process and performance outcomes. They had the most powerful impact on affective and process outcomes, which implies that team building can help benefit teams experiencing issues with negative affect, such as lack of cohesion or trust.

It could also improve teams suffering from process issues, such as lack of clarification in roles. Enjoy your togetherness with 360° beautiful scenery at Mulberry Hill by The Lodge.
IDR 485.000 nett/pax
  • 1x Lunch
  • 2x Coffee break
  • Teambuilding
  • Minimum 30 pax

Half Day Meeting

Whether it’s exchanging ideas, or business, Mullberry Hill by The Lodge offers what you need to set the stage for your success.
Feel the diefference having a meeting with a great view and atmosphere
IDR 350.000 net / pax
  • 1x Lunch
  • 1x Coffee Break
  • Meeting Amenities
  • Minimum 10 Pax

Full Board Meeting

Meetings Simplified: Make Your Next Meeting a Success.
Want your next meeting to be remembered for all the good reasons? For a truly satisfying experience, Mullberry Hill by The Lodge now offers full board meeting packages specifically developed for meetings of up to 30 people.
From IDR 1.250.000 – 1.500.000

BBQ Dinner

A barbeque dinner is the perfect way to spend time with family and friends.

You can host a BBQ for a special occasion or just as an excuse to have fun outdoors while enjoy the night sky.
IDR 250.000 net / pax

Music Entertainment

We provide karaoke facilities for each villa, so you can enjoy your time singing together with your families, partners, and love ones.