Meditation and Healing Wellness Program with H2L

May 17, 2019

Happiness2Life is a socio-interactive organisation which strives to create an environment where people interact socially with the purpose of building a happy society. On early May 2019, H2L held a retreat to nature which was conducted by a meditation expert from Malaysia, Dr. Sekar SwamiGuru. All participants came all the way from Malaysia to feel the positive energy from Mulberry Hill’s nature. 

This retreat is about 5 elements experience to appreciate and bond more with Mother Earth.  The participants experienced “water meditation” and also “fire cleansing” to remove all the negative energy inside their bodies. Besides water meditation and fire cleansing, the participants tried to feel the existence of “Mother Earth” through sun exposure and by burying their feet inside soil. They also felt the presence of “wind and sky” with the stunning 360° view of Bandung city and mountains.

The relaxing and calm environment of Mulberry Hill by The Lodge is suitable for those of you who want to do meditation or yoga in the midst of nature. For further information, please contact us at 0811-233-9876 / +62 811-2399-556 (Sales)